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CV Performance Group takes third place in the DKM 2019


CV Performance Group takes third place in the DKM 2019

Lorenzo Travisanutto takes the podium

Last weekend, the final of the German Kart-Championship took place in Ampfing, with kart world champion Lorenzo Travisanutto, who is fighting for the title together with his team CV Performance Group – in the end he finished third.

Until the middle of the season, the Italian driver was one of the big favourites in the highest German kart race series but then had to suspend the weekend in Kerpen due to illness and lost his good starting position as a result. Nevertheless, he was one of four drivers in Ampfing who fought for the championship title.

In the course of qualifying and the heats, despite alternating weather, he drove in the front field and was ranked seventh in the intermediate ranking. On Sunday, he attacked again and saw the checkered flag being placed third and fifth in the finals. With this he again scored important points but did not make the leap to the top. He and his team could also satisfy with third place.

We have already won four major championships this year, it would have been nice to be ranked number one in the DKM. But we still showed our potential and can be very satisfied. Thank you to the whole team

team leader Christian Voss summed up.

Under the umbrella of the CV Performance Group were once again the drivers of the Kart Republic factory team KR Motorsport. In the juniors, the Norwegian driver Martinius Kleve Stenshorne competed in his first race and caused a stir with second and third place. His Hungarian team-mate Levente Révész each finished fourth and came in also fourth in the championship standings. Chenyu  Han competed in the DKM. He finished the first final in 24th place, and in the second round he had to retire.

The CV Performance Group will continue in a few days. Then the IAME International Final will take place in LeMans (France). There, the best X30 drivers in the world compete.

11.10.2019 21:45
by CV Performance Group

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