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Podium at WSK - Bad luck in Belgium


Podium for Pirttilathi at the WSK Euro Series Bad luck at the IAME X30 Euro Series

Strong presentation in Italy – Bad luck in Belgium

This past weekend, the CV Performance Group was expecting a double challenge. The WSK Euro Series in Sarno took place at the same time as the IAME X30 Euro Series in Mariembourg. At both top events, the team sent their drivers into the race and could conclude a positive result at the end of the day.

Only one week after the WSK Super Masters Series, the German kart team traveled back to Sarno. This time the start of the WSK Euro Series occurred in front of the gates of Naples. Three drivers started for the KR team and impressed with great performances.

The Finnish driver Nikolas Pirttilathi provided the first surprise. He drove the third best time in qualifying of the OK-class and was faster than his team colleague Lorenzo Travisanutto. Being placed eight, the Italian driver had a great baseline. In the heats, the tide began to turn. Travisanutto celebrated a victory and fought his way to position four. His Finnish combatant was unlucky and came in 20th position.

In the final phase, both counted to the favorites and started from fourth and tenth position into the final. In the course of the race both lived up to their expectations. Shortly before the end of the race, Travisanutto had a serious accident and dropped out.

This was the most serious accident in my entire career. Fortunately, nothing happened and I am looking forward to the next race,

Travisanutto commented. His team colleague however delivered a remarkable presentation and became third on the winners podium.

Lorenzos accident was not half bad, fortunately nothing happened to him. The performance of both drivers was fitting, I am thrilled by Nikolas, he did a great job and was rewarded in the final. Likewise, our Junior Arthur Tohum deserves praise. Being placed 18th in the pre-final it was only the blink of an eye that was missing for him to get into the final. He is getting better from race to race,

team head Christian Voß concluded.

At the same time as the races in Sarno, the X30-elite started in the IAME X30 Euro Series in Mariembourg (Belgium). Linus Jansen and the Belgian driver Kobe Pauwels started at the X30 Seniors. Ultimately, both did not achieve their best performance.

The manners of driving in the Euro Series ask for more than auto scooter on the fair. Kobe and Linus were multiple times within the top ten throughout the heats but they were constantly passed. We have three destroyed chassis which we cannot use anymore. The organization has to react here,

Christian Voß criticizes the behavior.

This upcoming weekend, the team will continue. In Wackersdorf the first race of the ADAC Kart Masters is happening.

02.04.2019 10:55
by CV Performance Group

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