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CV Performance Group: We are WORLD CHAMPION! 2019

Lorenzo Travisanutto defends World Cup title

After winning the WSK Euro Series and the European Kart Championship, the team of Christian Voss was able to cheer again last weekend. In Finland, the Kart Republic team won the FIA KARTING WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP – the highest title in international karting.

With the reigning world champion Lorenzo Travisanutto, the CV Performance Group was already one of the favorites for the victory before the big race weekend in Finland. The 1,200-meter-long racetrack in Alahärmä provided an impressive scenery. The 191 participants drove on all three race days in front of full spectator stands. The weather caused a stir. Rain and sun alternated and made choosing the right setup a challenge.

After the heats Lorenzo Travisanutto fought his way up to a front row starting position in the OK class and went into the final in third place. Already at the beginning, he drove up to second place and put the leader under pressure. In the eleventh lap he succeeded in the decisive maneuver and made the second world title in a row.

"Wow, what a year. I would like to thank all my partners for their excellent support. It's an incredible feeling to be world champion for the second time,"

the Italian beamed on the podium.

Local hero Nikolas Pirttilathi made a perfect start in qualifying being placed fourth and won two of the five heats. However, a failure in the first heat threw him back a little, which ranked him 19th in the intermediate ranking.

On a half dry track in the final, he drove onto tenth position and was the second-best Finnish driver. In addition to him, Kobe Pauwels also moved into the final and saw the checkered flag being ranked 25th.

The German driver Sandro Holzem did not make it into the final round. The karting newcomer is completing his first full season and jumped literally into the cold water in Finland. From qualifying to the heats, he showed a great development and kept getting faster. The same for the only OK junior rider Peik Abrahmson from Finland. He showed a positive performance among the youngsters.

Head of the team Christian Voss was happy in the evening:

"I am speechless. After the numerous national successes, we have made it onto the international stage this year and the results exceed all our expectations. WSK champion, European and world champion, with that we have won the three biggest championships and the season is not over yet. A big thank you to the whole team for their great work."

The team will continue next weekend with the ADAC Kart Cup in Wackersdorf. The next title decisions will be made in the end of September with the final of the ADAC Kart Masters and the German Kart Championship. The CV Performance Group has the best title chances in both championships.

10.09.2019 17:37
by CV Performance Group

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