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WSK-kick-off with obstacles


HTP Kart Team WSK-kick-off with obstacles

World Champion shows strong catching-up race in the final

Last weekend the WSK Champions Cup took place on the Adria Raceway in Italy. At the exchange of blows between the best international drivers and teams, the HTP Kart Team was able to make itself known with World Champion Lorenzo Travisanutto – diversified races averted a possible place on the podium though.

The races on the 1.302m long track in Adria meant the kick-off to an exciting season for the HTP Kart Team. The team surrounding Christian Voß is going to compete at all the big international and national events this year. Among the 166 participants, World Champion Lorenzo Travisanutto celebrated his official entry for the German racing team as well.

As expected, the Italian drove among the front places in the OK class. He was on fourth place after qualifying and thereby achieved a good starting position. He then drove forward to second place in one heat. A collision during the second heat threw him back to twelfth place on the interim rankings though. Things didn’t go much better during the following pre-final for the Kart Republic-driver then. Another accident ended his race prematurely.From the last starting row he was then able to overtake the field from the rear and drove forward into the top ten. 

Arthur Tohum continued his learning process. The youngster from Germany impressed everyone throughout the course of the four days with fast times at the OK juniors. His lack of experience on international terrain was obvious during the races though and he was also slowed down due to technical difficulties during the finals on Sunday.

Of course we came here expecting to end up on the podium. If Lorenzo hadn’t had those two collisions, that would have been possible too. This way we were able to showcase our possibilities due to the catching-up race during the final though. Arthur has developed well too; unfortunately the technology didn’t function 100% on Sunday

Christian Voß summed up in the evening.

The team is already going to continue competing next weekend. Then, the first race of the WSK Super Masters Series is going to take place at the same location. The Championship is made up of four events that are going to be spread over Italy.

28.01.2019 22:57
by CV Performance Group

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