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WSK Points for CVPG in Sarno


WSK Points for CV Performance Group in Sarno

No perfect races at IAME Euro Series in Mariembourg

Last weekend, the CV Performance Group was facing a double challenge. While one part of the team was at the WSK in Sarno, the other half went to Mariembourg for the start of the season of the IAME Euro Series. At both venues, the Kart Republic team experienced thrilling races and was delighted with the first championship points.

Nine drivers from the CV Performance Group faced international competition in Italy and Belgium. The seven drivers in Sarno had to prepare for a converted track. During the winter months, the course was adjusted and received new pavement. The fields of the WSK Super Masters Series were filled again.

Niklas Cassarino competed in the Mini – the driver from the CV Junior Academy significantly shortened his gap to the top over the weekend and made an effort to make the jump to the top 36 drivers in the pre-finals. In the end he missed his target by a hair’s breadth but was satisfied with 20th place in the pre-final. "Niklas showed a great development – he would have deserved to be in the final," head of the team Christian Voß praised his youngster.

As in the Mini, the two OK juniors Jens Treuer and Nico Lemberg experienced a similarly strong competition. After qualifying, Treuer in particular showed a great catch-up and improved significantly. Unfortunately, he had to suffer a failure in the pre-final and lost the chance to reach the final. His Finnish team-mate on the other hand improved by eight places, but also missed out on qualification being placed 24th.

Four protégés of the junior team of the CV Performance Group started in the OK class. Morgan Porter from Great Britain was one of the best again. As only one from the quartet he moved into the final and secured his first championship points in the final. Also a candidate for the front ranks was Juliano Holzem, already in his heats he drove in the top ten. However, he became the victim of a failure in the pre-finals. His twin brother Sandro, as well as Kim Hwarang from South Korea, also suffered the same fate.

"Our two OK juniors have learned a lot again, with a little more routine they are among the candidates who are able to attend the final. At the OK we were very unlucky in the pre-finals. Three out of four drivers dropped out. However, Porter showed what is possible and scored the first points," Christian Voß concluded positively.

The races were difficult for O'Neill Muth and Philipp Gogollok in the first round of the IAME Euro Series in Mariembourg. In the crowded field of the X30 seniors, both chased their expectations. O'Neill showed his possibilities in two preliminary rounds with top ten results and had the chance to get a ticket for the finals. However, he retired in the race and had to give up early. Teammate Gogollok finished the weekend fifth in the Consolation Race. 

"After the good test weekend in the Belgian championship, we did not manage to build on it this time. But we know where the problems were and we will work on them next time," Voß continued to be combative.

The team will be on the move in just two weeks. Then the first race of the WSK Euro Series will take place at the South Garda Circuit in Lonato.

30.03.2021 17:21
by CV Performance Group

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