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  • Best Racing stuff (KART REPUBLIC)
  • Renowned engine partners
  • Race service and support
  • Driver coaching
  • Simulator training
  • Support in the areas of fitness, nutrition and public relations
  • Complete training from karting to Formula-, Automobile- and GT-Sports

With HTP Motorsport & GruppeM Racing, CV-Performance Group has a strong partners in formula and GT3 racing. In recent years, the teams have been one of the most successful and provides the basis for a promising career in motorsport. Through the support of CV-Performance Group by GruppeM Racing & HTP Motorsport, drivers receive comprehensive training to a performance-oriented racing driver.
In order to combine and communicate these unique synergies, CV-Performance Group, HTP Motorsport and GruppeM Racing set up CVPG Kart Racing in 2019.

— Christian Voss


“Thank you all very much for your great support!”

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